Business Diversification


Newspapers’ traditional business model is not working anymore due to the decline of the print media. The first diversification attempt was to start publishing over the web, and that pre-historic attempt continues its claim. But business is a dynamic philosophy that can’t sustain an old methodology. To have the presence colorfully, it needs real diversification in content delivery to another avenue. Content is still the king and will be the king to the end.

None of the large giant firms that publish newspapers in the Netherlands entirely depends on newspaper revenues. In the U.S.A., a similar situation exists, whereby most prominent newspaper firms are diversified media companies. Tribune Company, for instance, is involved in newspaper publishing, which is still its core business generating some 58 percent of total revenues but is also diversified into radio and television broadcasting has companies in educational publishing and direct marketing services and is the owner of the Chicago Cubs. On the other hand, Gannett is mainly involved in newspaper publishing but is increasingly becoming a player in broadcasting.