At LoneSock, we believe in maintaining a professional and engaging online presence, especially on platforms like LinkedIn, where we connect with clients, partners, and industry professionals. Our LinkedIn page reflects our values, services, and culture, and it is crucial that all employees adhere to the following workplace policy when engaging with and representing LoneSock on LinkedIn.

1. Profile Representation:

  • When mentioning LoneSock in your LinkedIn profile, ensure accuracy in your job title, responsibilities, and affiliation. Your profile should align with your role and responsibilities within the company.

2. Content Sharing:

  • Share insightful, relevant, and valuable content related to our industry, business process automation, branding, and other relevant topics.
  • Prior to sharing any content related to LoneSock, consult with the Marketing or Communications team to ensure consistency with our brand messaging and guidelines.

3. Brand Messaging:

  • Consistency is key. When discussing LoneSock’s services, values, and achievements, maintain alignment with our established brand messaging to provide a unified image to the audience.

4. Engagements and Comments:

  • Engage thoughtfully and professionally with connections, clients, partners, and industry peers in a manner that represents the values and professionalism of LoneSock.
  • Avoid engaging in any offensive, controversial, or inappropriate discussions or comments.

5. Confidential Information:

  • Never share sensitive or confidential information about clients, projects, or internal company matters on LinkedIn or any other social media platform.

6. Representing LoneSock:

  • When engaging in discussions or sharing content, make it clear that your views are your own and not necessarily representative of LoneSock’s official stance, unless specifically authorized to do so.

7. Personal Posts:

  • Personal posts should remain separate from LoneSock-related content, unless it directly relates to our industry, values, or achievements.

8. Collaboration and Tagging:

  • Collaborate and tag other LoneSock employees when appropriate, but always ensure that the content and tags are relevant and add value to the conversation.

9. Professional Etiquette:

  • Maintain a professional tone and language in all interactions, keeping in mind that your online behavior reflects on LoneSock as a whole.

10. Reporting Concerns:

  • If you come across any inappropriate content or behavior related to LoneSock or its employees on LinkedIn, report it to the appropriate internal channels.

By adhering to these guidelines, we ensure that our LinkedIn page serves as a positive representation of LoneSock’s values, expertise, and culture. Remember that our online presence is an extension of our brand, and each employee’s contributions play a vital role in building and maintaining our reputation in the industry.

This policy is subject to change, and all employees are expected to stay updated with the latest version. If you have any questions or need clarification, please reach out to the Human Resources or Marketing teams.